Console setup for powershell

After not really seeing the value of console replacements in Windows I have completely come around.

To make life more enjoyable when developing on a Windows 10 machine, install the following things:

  • Install Sublime
  • Install cmder
  • Enable Windows Subsystem for Linux
  • Choose a WSL compatible distro, I went with Ubuntu
  • Install MobaXterm X Server
  • Clone powerline patched fonts
  • Clone Hub CLI to get better Github tools for the commandline
  • On WSL:
    • Install zsh
    • Install the above powerline fonts
    • Config dircolors
    • Install oh-my-zsh
    • Set agnoster theme
  • In Powershell
  • Optionally install i3-wm and terminator under X in WSL. Not super practical but cool.

I have previously had problems with cmder acting strangely when using bash for Windows, but with this setup the experience is seamless. Cmder also provides excellent autocorrect for powershell.

If necessary install a separate Sublime under WSL, but normally editing files in Windows but for instance running yarn under WSL by accessing the files under /mnt/c/ works perfectly well.

The PowerShell setup requires some modifications to the profile to load PoSh Git, DirColors, set themes and aliases et cetera.

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