Powershell woes

What is the point of powershell?
Trying to orchestrate and automate distributed tests with powershell leads to things such as using remote powershell or psexec to start tests on VMs and to use PSDrives to set up tests and collect logs.
So then you would like some calls to be reliable. Starting WinRM on a remote box, or setting up a PSDrive to get fresh executables to VMs or collecting logs neesd to be reliable.
With a 10% successrate out-of-the-box you wonder how people ever use this stuff, and the truth is of course people don’t, they write reliability layers around it with retries and exception handlers, just for the Happy-path nothing-important-has-failed scenario
Had MS spent the extra five minutes to make the built-in code be less unreliable and weak and perhaps to only return a failure once every means to recover the situation had been exhausted would have spared every single powershell user the work to write their own reliability layer just to get the basics working.
Case in point:  New-PSSession. There is no way in the known universe that should be allowed to fail. OK, if there are HTTPS certificat problems or network connectivity problems, say so, but other than that I deserve an apology. Eloquent and part of the return object.  Problem is 90% of the time New-PSSession will fail, for no reason. No reason whatsover.
I mean I know the test triangle and all that, but for that tip of the triangle I don’t need any help from MS to make the system test EVEN MORE EXPENSIVE to make and maintain.

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