Windows 10 tech preview

So, later than everybody else I installed Win10 tech preview.

I am not agreeing with the versioning strategy and feel like Windows 8.2 had been a more fitting identifier given the limited changes, but the ill-deserved but yet pervasive stigma of the new-fangled Windows 8 had to go away, so I see why going with a major version increase might have made sense.

Multiple desktops is easier to use than Sysinternals Desktops, with the isolation being less complete, so you can Windows Tab between all apps irrespective of desktops and easily move windows between them.

The semi transparent console window thingy is pretty neat but I’m surptised by the limited font choices. Copy / Paste and proper selection just worksTM and I suspect that just like after Ctrl-S arrived in Notepad on Windows 2000 it will probably be inconceivable that it ever worked differently. I installed the operating system on VMWare player and threw in VS14 which diesn’t compile the ASP.NET vNext, but I have spent literally 0 seconds figuring out why and I suspect I haven’t configured something right. The MS Twitter app doesn’t work on my VM, neither does OneGet specifically because Chocolatey is not a provider and no methods of adding providers worked.

I resorted to install Git like a barbarian, downloading the installer from, but posh-git and psreadline worked as expected. Finally I had a very neat git environment set up in a few moments. I like.

The start menu feels a bit weird, but does make more sense with a desktop OS and I will probably find it more useful as time goes by.

So anyway, if you have an extra computer laying around, get Win10 and try it out. I’ve reported my gripes to the feedback tool, I suggest you do the same. Don’t believe they hype, it’s just a really nice Windows 8.1 Update 2/ Windows 8.2, not  a revolution by any means, just good small improvements overall.

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