Tip: Clearing QueryString when using RadControls and ASP.NET WebForms

I had to google myself silly and the page I ended up finding was so hard to find I couldn’t actually find it again to link to it properly. The below code is not my idea, so if you feel wronged, submit your link and I shall attribute properly.

The problem is: I want to be able to navigate, or find my way back if you will, to a certain MultiPage and TabStrip that is nested inside a Telerik RadGrid. As it is a view and not a state change, I would like the querystring to handle this. However, to be nice, or obnoxious, depending on how you see it, Telerik will resubmit the same querystring when you navigate the tabs yourself, which will make it so that after changing tabs via querystring once, you cannot navigate to a different page by clicking anymore.

Anyway: People on the Internet, especially Telerik forums tell you to do Request.QueryString.Clear(), but that just doesn’t work because it is a readonly Collection and although it compiles, you will get a runtime error. So: What to do?

The post that I found simply used violence and Reflection to force the collection into being Read/Write, and then when Telerik reads from Request.Querystring to needlessly resubmit the exact previous query, it actually, accidentally, posts the correct, cleaned querystring. This enables my expected scenario where you by using GET can change tabs in a TabStrip/MultiPage.

        private void ClearQueryStringParam(string paramName)
                // Remove parameters
                PropertyInfo isreadonly = typeof(System.Collections.Specialized.NameValueCollection).GetProperty("IsReadOnly", BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.NonPublic);
                // make collection editable
                isreadonly.SetValue(this.Request.QueryString, false, null);

I posted this so that I have a hope of ever finding it again.

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