F# 3 and Raven DB

Wow, this was pretty interesting. I am definitely trying this right now. I didn’t realize F# was Raven hostile, and also this unintended benefit of TypeProviders need to be announced off of the roof-tops.


Ok so I have blogged about these to before. Previously, F# didn’t have brilliant support for Linq. F# Expressions couldn’t `easily` be converted to the Linq expression trees that the RavenDB API required. This caused somewhat of a mis-match between the two which made Raven difficult but not impossible to use from F#. My previous blog introduced a library which is available for Raven clients prior to version 2.0, to bridge this gap, and tried to make Raven more natural to use from F#. However as of Raven 2.0 this library has been removed. The reasons are explained here. I don’t disagree with the reasons ayende cut the support
I wouldn’t want to support something I had little knowledge of either. However things have changed…. 🙂

The advent F# 3 and query expressions

So we are now in the era of F# 3.0 and things have changed somewhat. F#…

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