WCF 4.0

As the tour is now concluded and we are doing business as usual I figured it is time to post some promised source code and powerpoint material. If you just joined us, the final Jayway seminar of the spring season was on Windows Identity Foundation and a short roundup of new features in WCF 4.0. Stefan Severin MC:d the WIF section while I did the presentation on WCF 4.0.

So what IS up with WCF 4.0?  My three main points were the following:

  1. Simplified Configuration
  2. Full implementation of WS Discovery
  3. A turn-key RoutingService

My full presentation in attached and I also submit some source code, largely based on Aaron Skonnard’s excellent MSDN article with minor modifications to show the difference between WCF3.5 and WCF4 in terms of configuration.



Source Code

Aaron Skonnard’s introduction to WCF 4.0

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