3 Customer Support: -1

Due to my recent foray into the beta OS lifestyle I had the displeasure of finding out that the 3 Connect Huawei 220 Turbo 3G connection software provided by the telco that goes by the long-winded name of 3, does not in fact install post upgrade. Or, it installs, but does not execute.

I placed a call to the customer support hotline and after explaining to the 1st line support that yes, Windows 7 is newer than Vista, he would consult with a colleague and get back to me. I waited patiently for the inevitable “Dude, you’re running a beta OS, can you say: NOT SUPPORTED?”, but instead, imagine my surprise, the guy comes back on the line saying “I talked to our technicians and they are aware that regrettably, the software does not work on Windows 7 yet, but we are working to solve the problem presently”. Practical difference for me? None. Except you feel a lot better when people give the impression of caring. This bumps 3 tech support from 0 to –1.

Of course, I would not be this magnanimous and benevolent if had been kept from using the wireless broadband entirely. A windows dialup connectiion could access the modem and create a connection, so in the end I could make do just fine without the 3Connect software

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