Quick Answers –1 or 0

So you want to know what is hot or not? You want to know what to think on a variety of subjects but you cannot really be bothered with getting to know the issues first hand? Search no further:

Windows 7: –1

A solid, dependable operating system despite being a beta. Sure, some websites look upon your HTTP_USER_AGENT suspiciously, thinking that NT6.1 is no an OS they can support, but that is an issue that can be remedied in Firefox among others through simply spoofing the USER_AGENT-string. Problem free upgrades and installs are reported, stuff just keeps on working. Uneventful and boring, just as you want them. Lots of small details that gets you hooked right away strictly because of the improvements to the user experience, the improved keyboard shortcuts, the new structure in the control panel, the way dialup and VPN-connections are activated and deactivated from the taskbar, the new taskbar in general.

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